Camera+ para iPhone é atualizado com muitas novidades [App]

A Tap Tap Tap atualizou o app Camera+ para iPhone hoje (na minha opinião, o melhor app de foto para iPhone). A empresa afirma que conseguiu tornar possível o impossível, através de um “flash frontal” (que não existe no iPhone), nível de exposicão, nível horizontal, entre outros.

Veja abaixo o release notes com as novas funcionalidades da versão 3.6, (em inglês):

Front Flash

The new front-facing flash feature allows you to take pictures of your own face in total darkness. It employs the same trick that’s used by Apple’s Photo Booth app; the display goes white for a split second to light up the object in front of it. It’s hardly going to make a difference when used during the day, but at night, it’ll be better than nothing at all.

Horizontal Level

Fed up of taking wonky pictures that just look right inside a frame? With the new horizontal level in Camera+, you can ensure that the pictures you snap are straight before you hit the shutter button. It works in both portrait and horizontal orientations.

Live Exposure

Live Exposure provides you with “all the details of your shot” before you take it. It’ll show you how exposure parameters like ISO and shutter speed change in real-time as you setup your shot, so that you can ensure the conditions are optimal before it’s too late. What’s more, with the iPhone 5, you can now enjoy “100% accurate shot framing.” With Live Exposure enabled, there’s no viewfinder cropping so what you see is what you get.


In addition to features above, this update adds lots of improvements. “Anything that didn’t feel 100% perfect was given a good overhaul,” the release notes read. “The ends result is well over a dozen improvements that add-up to the best shooting experience on any camera.”

The release also brings some bug fixes.

A atualização é grátis para quem já possui o app, e para quem não possui, o Camera+ custa US$ 0.99 na App Store.

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